July 28, 2014

i drew some undead boyfriends


i drew some undead boyfriends

July 27, 2014


Hey guys, some really cool new information about In The Flesh has sort of been revealed by Dominic tweeting a link to the graphic designer who made leaflets to help illustrate Dominic’s scripts + essentially pitch the series.

Whilst some of the information is outdated (Neurotriptyline is here known as Neurolax, and the Rising is stated as having occured in January 2016 instead of 2009), we can still gleam from really cool information from this, firstly and most importantly (in my opinion, given the debates I’ve seen):

The undead can feel sensation.

From the leaflet:

"Can PDS sufferers feel pain? Because of the decomposition of pain receptors during death, PDS sufferers do not feel physical pain. It is similar to the condition known as congenital analgesia.”

Congenital analgesia is a condition where people cannot feel pain, but cognition and sensation are otherwise intact, for instance they can feel touch, though not always temperature.

If you read the leaflet on neurolax/neurotriptyline you can learn a bunch of pretty cool things like a massive list of side effects. I think my fave side effect is the possibility of an increased libido, lmao.

July 27, 2014
My thoughts about the romantic relationships in “In the Flesh”


This is going to be a post about my personal thoughts (!) on the three main romantic relationships of this beautiful show: Rick and Kieren, Amy and Philip, Kieren and Simon. I enjoy the portrayals of these relationships a lot because all of them are problematic in one way or another - as relationships tend to be. Also, all of those relationships didn’t get enough time (episodes) to unfold and develop, which is why they are very ambiguous. So, yeah, here we go! Prepare for a really long post wow. 

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July 26, 2014


I`ll drink to such mother-in-law

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July 26, 2014


These tentacular Octopus and Giant Squid tables are the work of San Francisco-based bronze sculptor Kirk McGuire. The beautiful bronze cephalopods are so lifelike, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt phantom tentacles tickling your ankles while sitting at either of these tables.

Visit Kirk McGuire’s website to check out his standalone bronze sculptures and more of his awesome undersea animal tables.

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July 26, 2014

Anonymous said: I want to see what happened to those two rabid they found in the woods in season 1... I hope Kieren runs into them out in the world someday.



Tell us what you love about In The Flesh.

Okay but just IMAGINE if he did?? He would recognize them, because Kieren’s like that, he would remember saving them.

And look, okay, it was a little girl and her daddy, and they don’t remember a lot about their time as rabids, except that somehow, miraculously, they managed not to get separated. They had died together in a car wreck, and been buried next to each other, and the father made it out of the grave first and even though he was feral, he still dug down into the earth until he could bring her to the surface with him.

They left the graveyard together, and just started walking. Who knows where, because they certainly didn’t. And somehow they wandered too close to Roarton. They wandered too close to the Den, and even though they were minding their own business, not hurting any people, they were set upon by the flagging remains of the Roarton HVF.

Except, this fateful night, Kieren Walker was along for the ride, following behind the boy he thought he’d lost forever. This boy, who has one foot in both worlds (or maybe I should say one eye in both worlds?) puts himself between them and the bullets meant to end them. The father curls protectively around the daughter and listens to Kieren say “They’re like me.” He listens to this boy, this desperate pacifist, try to reason with the real killers in the glade.

And then the guns are lowered. Instead of second death, the father and daughter find themselves hauled into the bed of a truck and carted out of the forest. They spend a couple of days pacing the confines of a cage inside a building, and then they are carted away again, this time to a sterile, apathetic place full of needles and soft voices and guards.

Slowly, slowly, they come back to themselves. The daughter recognizes her father a month after the treatments begin. They’re allowed to room together, and he holds her hand because he’s never ever letting her go again. Geezus, he feels so bad for losing control on that icy road, but he won’t let anything hurt her again.

Eventually, they get out. The mother comes to pick them up, and she practically smothers them both with hugs and kisses and crying. It’s one of the best reunions the facility has ever seen. “I thought I would never see you again.”

A month after that, the flashbacks begin. They’re worse for the father, who keeps seeing the moments at the den, keeps seeing this kid who saved them. He hasn’t gotten to say thank you, and that bothers him. The boy saved him, saved his daughter. They’d both be dead if it weren’t for him.

The facility tells him where they picked him up, and he proposes a road trip. The wife agrees, because she wants a chance to tell the boy thank you for returning her family to her, when he could so easily have let them be killed instead. It’s a three hour drive to Roarton, but they make it. There’s a bed and breakfast down the way that doesn’t ask if they are PDS, and no one volunteers the information, they just wear their mousse and contacts and smile politely while the Mother does all the hand shaking.

They stop by the hospital, and the doctor there recognizes the little girl. He inquires after their well being, and they assure him they are doing great, and say that they were hoping to talk to the boy who saved them, the one who stopped the hunters. Russo doesn’t know, but Shirley overhears. “That’ll be Kieren,” she tells them. Kieren is the only one with a heart soft enough and a will strong enough to have saved these two.

They head down to the Legion, because that’s where they were told Kieren is working. He’s there when they arrive, and it’s clear by the way he freezes dead-still that he remembers them.

The little girl crosses over to him without permission from anyone, and just goes for it. She just hugs him around the waist and tells him she and her daddy wanted to say thank you for not shooting them in the HEAD like that mean man was gonna do. Kieren swallows the lump in his throat and lays a hand on her head as he looks at the father with wide eyes. I mean, he knew that they had been taken away, and he probably assumed they had made it through treatment. He never expected to see them again.

"Thank you," the mother says softly when she finally reaches him. "You gave my world back to me."

"It’s you they should be giving a medal to," the dad says. "We appreciate what you’ve done for us."

And just… *whines* I just want them to be okay, and it really couldn’t hurt to know Kieren got acknowledgement for doing the right thinggggg

July 25, 2014



apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad fuck” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

July 25, 2014


in the flesh - his dark materials/dæmon au:

K I E R E N  W A L K E R

he remembers her. before he even remembers his own name he remembers her. he crawls from the earth with her name locked behind his lips, an unspoken prayer that can only escape in slow, rattling groans. that’s the thing about death. it’s lonely. it’s an emptiness that carves a warpath from the inside out, leaving only insatiable hunger in it’s wake. later in the treatment center he’ll stare into his own fractured pupils and remember how cold he felt, bleeding out with her head in his lap, her eyes big and lovely and understanding. do not be afraid, she whispered as their shared life stained the unforgiving rock beneath them, I’m right here.

he’ll cry when she finds him again, when he wakes to find her curled next to him as though she never left. he’ll stroke her head and wonder, his nightmares still playing behind his eyes, how someone like him could possibly still have a soul.

July 25, 2014


"Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything I can to give it to you."

Some of my friends are going through a tough time right now, so I give you undead boyfriends cheering each other up (╯︵╰,);; Take care, guys, I hope you all feel better soon!

July 25, 2014






No but I bet it is all because of how much he wanted to get away from Roarton and his life their and start again somewhere completely different. He probably spent hours staring at the globes, planning all these different versions of his future. He would close his eyes and put his finger on a random point and then figure out how he would get there. And every single time he did this, the plan would involve Rick.

That sadness was completely unasked for and unnecessary.


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